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Writing on Computer


Working with Laptops


I have experience managing both print and digital advertising campaigns successfully.

Designing on a Tablet


I have over 8 years professional design experience, with 6 more years as an amateur designer.

Zooming Camera


While I love DSLR cameras, I also know how to get the best out of an iPhone for photos or videos.

Business handshake


Presentation, negotiation, and confidence are three skillsets that help me be a better salesperson.

Investment Chart


Filtering and analyzing data and creating marketing strategy from the results is one of my strengths.

Business Consultation


I love teams! Equipping and enabling others to be their best self is very motivating for me.

Ink Jet Printer


My connections to wholesale printers provide quick access to low-cost quality print products.

Mobile Phone

Social Media

I work hard to stay up to date on the latest social media platforms, strategies, and trends.

In a Meeting


I believe in clear and effective communication for working with customers and team members.

Notebook and Pen


My strong organizational skills show in my schedule, reporting, communication, and note-taking.

Radio show microphones

Public Speaking

My entire life I have been involved in public speaking; I currently lead publicly at my church weekly.



Discovering creative and effective marketing strategies is my favorite part about what I get to do.

Man on Computer


Adobe CC.png

Adobe Creative Suite

For the past 13 years, I have been working in the Adobe Creative Suite programs. I am very strong in Photoshop, but also have some experience in Illustrator, InDesign, Audition, Premier, and Bridge. I love graphic design and am using these programs on nearly a daily basis.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a platform that collects data from your websites and apps to create reports that provide insights into your business. I have used Google Analytics to help monitor online users, products, and sales. This filtered data helps influence my marketing approach and strategy, with the main end goal being increasing web traffic and sales.


Microsoft Ads

My expertise in search engine marketing extends into Microsoft Ads as well, providing a well-rounded knowledge of digital advertising. Microsoft Ads include multiple search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and more. This is often a mirror of Google Ad campaigns, but understanding how it works is very valuable to a business with broad advertising strategy.


Apple Device Expert

While I have worked with many brands of technology, my personal preference is Apple products. I personally have a MacBook Pro, an iPad, an iPhone, Apple Watch, and am regularly using Apple devices for work. I prefer Apple because of the nearly-seamless process of integration between devices.

Google Ads.png

Google Ads

I have used Google Ads and worked with various advertising agencies utilizing Google Ad campaigns. The advertising campaigns include search, shop, and display ads. There are multiple platforms that offer Google Ad certifications, and I have completed a certification course designated specifically to using Google Ads for business.

Microsoft Excel.png

Microsoft Excel Expert

I am a numbers guy. The greatest tool I have ever used to help me keep those numbers organized is Microsoft Excel. I use spreadsheets along with many formulas, some simple and some complex, to keep track of progress and generate easy to understand reports of data. Utilizing this tool to its full potential has helped guide decisions in marketing strategy.

Facebook Blueprint.png

Facebook Blueprint

A number of years ago, I completed a course to become "Facebook Blueprint Certified." Basically this just means that Facebook authorized my knowledge and skillset for managing ad accounts. While social media is constantly changing, this has given me a great foundation to work from.

Google My Business.png

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free service Google offers to create and manage business listings on their search engine. Although it is free, the proper knowledge and strategy to rank higher organically is one of my strengths. Choosing the right photos, keywords, keeping info up-to-date, and posts are just some of the things that I can help with.


Wix Editor

Wix Editor is a website-building platform that enables people to customize their website the way they would like without having to know code. For example, this website was made on Wix. It has given me website editing experience, which has translated over into my use of other website providers as well. I have built over two dozen websites through Wix.


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