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Nelson Head

Director of Sales & Marketing

at Chinook Medical Gear

"Ryan is extremely creative and great with our team. He is confident, and his decision-making and marketing skill does not disappoint."

Sean Stevenson

Director of Client Services

at ResourceOne

"Ryan did a great job with our team while he was here. He is innovative, organized, and a great person to have on the team."

Scott Wood_edited.jpg
Scott Wood_edited_edited.jpg

Scott Wood

General Manager & Owner

of Wood Family Dealerships

"While he was here, Ryan led our marketing and advertising which had tremendous success. He has done a great job."

Jake McKibben

Sales Manager

at Wood Family Dealerships

"Ryan excels in reporting and analyzing the numbers, which has helped us make the best decisions for our business marketing."

Jake McKibben of Batesville Arkansas.jpg


Noel Cwenar_edited.jpg

Noel Cwenar

Mentor & Family Friend

"Ryan is both creative and a passionate worker. He's a difference maker."

Paul Hatcher


"Ryan is a great young man and would be a great addition to any marketing team, especially in the automotive space."

Paul Hatcher_edited.jpg


Jerry Murphree of Wades in Batesville Arkansas.jpg

Jerry Murphree

Owner of Wades Heat, Air, & Electric

"Ryan has done many large print products for us and is always easy to work with and prompt to get us exactly what we ask for. He is absolutely fantastic!"

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